Andiamo Engineering innovating and
revolutionising the panelised
construction industry.

Andiamo Engineering principal focus is to provide a number of core services around
the successful installation of manufacturing technology to enhance
the off-site pre-fabrication model for building and construction.



Andiamo Engineering is a privately-owned engineering consultancy with a growing national footprint. With a commitment to best practices, Andiamo Engineering is an industry leader in technological innovation and is revolutionising the panelised construction industry in Australia. Andiamo Engineering is committed in developing and transforming the market for pre-fabricated panelised wall systems, with the primary aim to assist market entrants to successfully establish their operations, to optimise the transition to a higher quality, more sustainable and energy efficient construction process, and thereby ensure the continued growth and success of the industry.The following key services are offered:


Combined with a high barrier of entry due to significant investment requirements in setting up a facility, ensuring access to initial and ongoing support throughout the process is critical. The professional services featured herein include documenting, scoping, initiation, training and support. These services are designed to also facilitate the growth of an extremely valuable internal knowledge base which will assist entrant’s initiatives into the future.

AE can tailor a compelling package that will assist entrants in the successful implementation of any desired manufacturing facility. The complimentary scope of services offered by Andiamo Engineering will increase the speed of the technological transition and will ultimately allow for an enhanced set-up and commissioning process that will carry through to consistent, smooth operations.


The professional services featured herein by Andiamo Engineering included documenting, scoping, initiation, training and support of
Impresa House implementation process. These services were designed to also facilitate the growth of an extremely valuable
internal knowledge base which assisted Impresa Houses initiatives into the future.

Andiamo Engineering’s ongoing configuration options and flexibility will allow that compounding knowledge base to continually
leverage between both parties for ongoing functionality advantages.


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